1       /4            These pulications are made and produced for women, by women. The books have been crafted thanks to collaboration with 21 beautiful souls that strongly believed in the project. The outcome is twofold: the photo book on one side, and the research volume, which contains research developments and the psychology studies regarding the perception that influences the nowadays image of the female body. Alongside these studies, the “Flow” theory by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi has been carefully explored.

2      /4            The photo book acts as a timeless bubble, and its narrative is divided in stages: the entrance gathers unfocused images of the location of the photoshoots. The moods presented here, is a feeling of the unknown. The first section is a collection of body details, which installs in the viewer a sense of fear and obligation. The central section portrays photos of slow movements, a representation of the start of a transition, a somewhat sort of awakening. The fourth section depicts full-body pictures with the purpose of showing freed subjects. The last section of the publication gathers on-focused images of the locations of the photoshoots. Through these photos transpires a sense of understanding. The cover, wrapped around the book, gives space to the participants’ thoughts and portraits, before and immediately after the photoshoots. The research volume is characterised by a more minimal but structured design {see below}.

3       /4            The narrative of the book is designed as an experience created alongside a music playlist, accessible through the QR code on the cover. The concept of the book is to “create the flow”–or create an immersion, a condition of optimal wellbeing, a bubble far from the self-objectifying vision of the female body. The intention of the photo book is to show the body as part of nature; to celebrate bodies and their beauty; to generate a new, more normalised conception of the female body; to resist objectifying and self-objectifying behaviours, while raising awareness. Here above, the three central sections of the volume, starting from the left: the objectified object, the stage of the awakening and the freed subject.

4       /4            As a parallel to the photo book itself, the website {see above} acts as the platform through which the project is promoted, giving an overview of the photos included in the publication and reflecting its same structure. Discover the ::WEBSITE:: / Here is the link to the Flow playlist ::︎ SPOTIFY::