1       /4             The fifth issue of ALWFAV considers the act of leaning as the diverging of forces seeking shared stability and collaboration. When leaning, we defy structural integrity and let vulnerability arise. As our practice leans on, with and into a subject {and vice versa}, we show and exercise care for the complexities of contemporary society. The ALWFAV5 Team investigated the act of leaning from a particular perspective: the encounter between care and radical transparency in design research. By using graphic design as a critical tool for investigation and divulgation, we built physical and conceptual support structures, that provide the public with a route into the research areas we are contributing to.

2      /4             The publication creates an ongoing flow of content, focusing on its connection–this continuous flux spreads from the cover into the book’s layout. The editorial design gives space to this very concept and through its less-authoritative tone, it is able to amalgamate one piece to the next. The connecting visual elements are bevelled, slowly caressing the reader out or into the content on the page. When reading the issue, the aim is to take care of the content–as much as of the reader–, with and through design. The format of the publication acts as an actual support structure aimed at making design research public. Browse the book ::HERE::

3      /4            The lauch of the book was held at the Swiss Church in London on 7 December 2021. To promote the event, some graphic content was created for social media platforms. The project is supported by the University of the Arts London.

4       /4             This issue provides a look into some of the MA Graphic Media Design at the London College of Communication {UAL} participants' research, as well as featuring contributions from Intersections of Care, Ramon Tejada, Bryony Quinn and FUTURESS. The 5th of ALWAFV5 issues was published on FUTURESS and was sold at ::MAGCULTURE {UK}:: / ::INGA BOOKSTORE {US}:: and is now in stock at ::GOOD PRESS {UK}:: / :: DRAWN DOWN {US}:: and ::UNITOM {UK}::